Elettromeccanica GB is a reliable reference point in the industrial automation: we have always invested time and sources just to offer an effective reply to a market in progress, by proposing the best solutions for the control of the industrial automation process.

L’attenzione ai bisogni dei clienti è garantita da uno staff di specialisti che offre la massima garanzia di competenza nella progettazione, nel collaudo e nell’assistenza. The attention to the customers requirements is guaranteed by a staff of specialists that offers the top competence in projects, test and assistance. Nuovi mercati, nuove tecnologie, generazioni di collaboratori con la determinazione di ricercare continuamente l’eccellenza, dialogo e capacità di proporre soluzioni. 

New markets, new technologies, and generations of collaborators whose aim is always to look for the excellence, dialogue and ability to propose the best solutions.

Elettromeccanica GB deals with:

  • engineering and building of equipments: electrical, electromechanical, electro-pneumatic and oleo-dynamic machines
    integrating plants for the axle control system (Motion)
  • PLC programming
  • Industrial net and Field Bus
  • Supervision for the monitoring and control of the productive process
  • Electrical diagrams in SPAC and EPLAN version
    Advise for the enforcementof the machine safety rules 

In particular, the technical area of Elettromeccanica GB includes electrical designers, software and electricians for electrical Cabinet boards, who are concerned with:

Research of technical solutions with the help of a mechanical designer
Hardware engineering
Electrical and thermic sizing of the automation electrical boards by EPLAN or SPAC
Realization of automation electrical cabinet boards
and CE, UL/CSA Certification in accordance with the current rules 
Software engineering
PLC Rockwell, Siemens S5 e S7, Omron, Mitsubishi, Pilz, Delta
MOTION Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Elau, B&R
CNC Siemens,
HMI Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, Pro-face, Pilz, Esa, Delta
SCADA Rockwell, Siemens, Movicon, Nice
Supervision systems
SCADA (Siemens and MOVICON)
Field wiring Machine 
Commissioning all over the world
Risk analysis service
for machine directive through certificated agency

Our Clients